All our turkeys are now bronze as we feel, after much taste testing, that they offer a far superior flavour when allowed to fully mature. 
Unlike industry standard turkeys that are intensively reared for eight to ten weeks, ours are slow grown and free to range over six months.

The benefits of having a fuller life, are that Out & About turkeys put down a natural layer of fat, both under the skin and intramuscular. This layer of fat means that Out & About turkeys don’t need to be basted, buttered or covered in bacon, making them easy to cook. Their meat is dense, succulent and full of flavour.

Our turkeys graze on the range eating lots of greenery especially nettles, their favourite! Their natural diet is supplemented with a mixed corn ration and plenty of fruit from our orchard.

When the time comes for their outdoor pursuits to come to an end, they are dealt with on site, one at a time in a stress free environment. They are then dry plucked by hand and game hung for up to ten days in our temperature controlled room to really intensify the flavour.

A combination of higher welfare standards, traditional farming methods, diet and being game hung for up to ten days ensures Out & About turkeys have a superior texture and depth of flavour rivalling others.

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