Size Guide

Size Guide


Size                                    Servings

4-4.9kg                                 4-6

5-5.9kg                                 6-8

6-6.9kg                                 8-10

7-7.9kg                                  10-14

8-8.9kg                                 14-18

9-9.9kg                                 18-22

10 +kg                                   22 +


4Kg                                        4-5

5Kg                                        6-7

6Kg                                        8-9

Turkey Crown
As a rough guide for crowns, allow for approximately 500g of bird weight per person. This will allow for a little bit of left overs.

Boneless Turkey Roll
For a Boneless Turkey Roll, allow 250g per person, as a minimum.

These are approximate guide lines and will allow for a small amount of left overs. All our turkeys, geese and turkey crowns come with herbs and separately packed giblets.

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