Price guide

Size/Servings Cost Cooking Time
4kg / 4-6 £51.65 2hr 35min
5kg / 6-8 £57.50  2hr 55min
6kg / 8-10 £66.35  3hr 15min
7kg / 10-14 £77.70  3hr 40min
8kg / 14-18 £89.05  4hr
9kg / 18-22 £100.04  4hr 25min
10kg / 22+ £111.75  4hr 45min

Please be aware when ordering, that due to the nature of our produce, exact weights cannot be guaranteed. We will make every effort to meet your requirements, however, there may be up to a 500g difference either way. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Turkey Crown

As a rough guide for crowns, allow for approximately 500g of bird weight per person. This will allow for a little left overs.

Boneless Turkey Roll

For a boneless turkey roll, allow 250g per person as a minimum.

Size/Servings Cost Cooking Time
2kg / 3-5 £39.50 1hr 15min
3kg / 4-6 £55.30  1hr 45min
1kg / 4-6 £29.15  50min
2kg / 7-9 £38.58  1hr 40min
3g / 10-12 £48.00  2hr 30min


Size/Servings Cost Cooking Time
4kg / 4-5 £58.50 1hr 45min
5kg / 6-7 £71.50  2hr 10min
6kg / 8-9   £84.50  2hr 35min 

These are approximate guide lines and will allow for some left overs. All our geese, turkeys and turkey crowns come with herbs and separately packed giblets.

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