What are traditional farming methods?

Our birds are free to range as soon as they are fully feathered. From this moment on they can display natural behaviours, interacting and socialising with each other.  During periods of darkness they are locked up safe from predators, where they have deep bedding with straw bale perches. They forage for food eating bugs, grubs, slugs, worms, nettles, grass and plenty of fruit from our orchard! Supplementary food is natural and free from growth promoters and any other nasties. When the time comes for their countryside rambles to end, they are dealt with on site, one at a time, in a stress free environment. They are then dry plucked by hand and game hung for up to 10 days. Finally, they are then prepared and dressed for collection. Here at Out & About we have an unrelenting pursuit to exceed government, council and HSA (Humane Slaughter Association) legislation on the higher welfare and production standards of our birds. Our farming operations and on site facilities are inspected independently to ensure this.


Why are your birds hung?

It is common practice to hang all game birds in a cool environment. Our birds are hung between 7-10 days in our temperature controlled rooms. This really tenderises the meat and adds to the depth of flavour. We have had customers who simply don’t like the idea of this, so we have provided an un-hung bird by request. Also we have hung birds for 14 days on request. We are always happy to cater for customers individual needs, just ask!


Will it fit in my oven?

A standard oven will take up to a 9Kg (19.8 lbs) bird. The approximate dimensions of that are 14” long x 12” wide x 10” high.


How long can it be kept before and after cooking?

A fresh bird in your fridge will last up to 5 days. A cooked bird will then last up to 7 days.