About Us

We are a family run small holding in Herefordshire. We moved into our holding in 2010 with a vision of doing something constructive with the ground. We liked the idea of self sufficiency and being outdoors. 

First came the laying hens which where kindly left by the previous owners, then some cob chickens for the table. In 2012 we took the arrival of our first 10 turkeys. We now have a flock of over 200 birds including geese.

We rear and prepare all our birds on site to the highest welfare standards as we know happy birds make tasty birds. Our turkeys range in our long grassy meadows, our geese are grazed on our clover rich field with access to the brook and the chickens roam the orchard.

Our birds frequently dine on apples, damsons, plums and pears from our orchard and we believe this is the secret to their superior flavour. Our birds range freely as soon as they are fully feathered. The way we rear our birds allows them to display natural behaviours from sun rise to sun set. all our birds are slow grown, reaching full maturity. This means our birds have a nice layer of fat making them easy to cook and very juicy. When the time comes our birds are dealt with on site, one at a time in a stress free environment.

They are then dry feathered by hand and game hung for up to 10 days before being prepared and packaged. All our birds are ready for collection from the farm gate on the 23rd December. All deliveries are subject to the holidays, see our online shop and quick link for delivery details.