Our goslings arrive from our local hatchery at our farm gate in May at just one day old as little yellow bundles of fluff. It’s a very exciting time as our children take great delight in keeping the young goslings fed and watered until they are fully feathered and let out to pasture. Once out, the young Norfolk Geese really start to develop quickly as they graze our clover rich field. It’s when they are out in the open like this that you start to see their characters take shape. They like nothing better than swimming in the brook and bobbing for apples. We supplement their diet with a mixed corn ration and we believe in our ethos of farming happy birds, as they make tasty birds! Once the geese are fully matured and their outdoor frolics have to come to an end, they are dealt with on site, one at a time in a stress free environment.

A combination of higher welfare standards, traditional farming methods, diet and being game hung for up to ten days ensures Out & About Norfolk Geese have a superior texture and depth of flavour to rival the best.

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